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AU Is Ranked Top 1 for 5th Year in MOE Awards for International Art and Design Competitions.

A Total of 15 AU Students’ Artworks Win RedDot and IF Awards with a total subsidy of 450 thousand NT dollars.

AU (Asia University) recently has received the No. 1 Award of International Art and Design Competitions given by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the 5th straight year with a total subsidy of 450 thousand NT dollars. In the year of 2018, 45 participants coming from AU won totally 15 awards, including 15 RedDot or IF Awards.

The principal investigator of the MOE International Art and Design Competition (IADC) Award Project, Prof. Pang-Soong Lin from AU, said that the MOE supports Taiwan students to take part in international inventions or design contests. Students, who win RodDot Awards from Germany, IF International Forum Design Medals, Good Design Grand Awards from Japan, and International Design Excellence Awards from the USA, may participate in the MOE IADC Contest. Winners of the contests and their schools are awarded by the MOE year by year, as set as the goal of the project.

AU President Jing-Pha Tsai mentioned that totally 15 artworks created by AU students participated the contest of the famous world-level RedDot Award. “One of them, ‘Neiwan Love Story,’ by students, Tzu-Yen Huang, Ya-Ching Chiang, Hsiao-Yun Su and Ya-Chien Chang from the VCD Dept. at AU wins the 2017 “Best of the Best” RedDot Award. Six students, Chi-Leng Chang, Yen-Feng Lu, Chi-Wei Shih, Nien-Yang Li, Yu-Cheng Lin and Yi-Cheng Chan, from the Creative Product Design (CPD) Dept. at AU with their works entitled “Series Gifts from Asia Museum of Modern Art” were granted an iF Concept Design Award recently.

The first “Best of the Best” RedDot-awarded work “Neiwan Love Story” is designed by students, Tzu-Yen Huang, Ya-Ching Chiang, Hsiao-Yun Su and Ya-Chien Chang, from the VCD Dept. at AU. The work includes innovative designs of slogans, DMs, posters, guide books, as well as related APPs for use on smart phones, all aiming at promoting the propaganda of six scenic spots in the historical countryside of Neiwan in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

In the past ten years, many students of AU, forming various design teams, won a lot of famous international design or invention awards. In addition, as pointed by AU President Jing-Pha Tsai, AU aims to become an international university, and provide a total of seven ways for students to promote their international visions, namely, studying abroad, seeking international double degrees, participating in academic exchanges, working as interns, joining volunteer programs, publishing papers in conferences, and taking part in international invention or design contests.

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